Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home is where the heart is!

Over the last week, I've had so much to think about regarding our future home. To my surprise (as God likes to do things), a beautiful home idea slapped me up side the head. It still is a secret, but I'd like to speak on it a little anyway. Basically, I think God is working on me and my husband is a funny way. He has presented this idea to us that has totally thrown us off course of our future home plans. Who knows really, but it is a cool thought I'll explain more about later. Anyway, in the last 2 years, I've really come to see how badly I want my future home to 100% reflect who I am and what I stand for. I will never again "pretend" I am something I'm not...but I will take the gifts and passions God has given me and put them back into my life. Sorry to vent so much, but I just want folks to know you truly should make your home your haven, your retreat. I grew up in an amazing old log cabin and it was always such a happy home. I plan on repeating that same story for my son and making our home our loving nest. It doesn't matter the size, the price, the location...but simply what you make of those 4 walls. As the old saying goes...Home is where the heart is! That's absolutely right! When all the stresses of life in this world are outside waiting, close the door and enjoy the warmth and love of your sweet home! That's all for today....

Friday, June 3, 2011

It may just surprise you!

These are a few looks I've seen lately that really catch my eye! The Farmhouse Style is so pretty and soooooo me!! It's cool to combine old with new, distressed lines with clean lines and outdoors with indoors! That's what I love about this can practically combine anything and mixing materials, finishes and random findings is quite fun! I encourage you to walk outside, hit up the garage or shed and bring something may just surprise you!

PS-these are not my own images, just references for style!

Oh dear!

Howdy! This week has been a tough week for me. I have not felt productive, BUT am feeling a comeback! I have some new ideas up my sleeve and looking forward to seeing where it leads me. Like the message above states...I really ought to do something! Hah, cute and so true!