Thursday, July 21, 2011

A sneak peek!

So I announced this week, we officially bought an 1800's log cabin (actually, we closed today). This was briefly mentioned a few posts ago that God slapped us upside the head with a new path to our next home building journey. The pic above is a small sneak peek of a beautiful door in the living room of the cabin. So cute! Now, I must say, this cabin is old, so it is what it is....but let me tell you I see straight through the "OLD" and into the "OMG"!! It is absolutely beautiful and I can see so much potential. So funny thing is, we were planning on building another house next year and even had started the plans when this little lady showed up. Like I said before, I was raised in a historic cabin and never imagined I'd repeat this story. But, as God has it, that's exactly what I'm doing. After long discussions and many visits to this cabin, Charlie and I decided to do this thing and work it into the houseplans. Come to find will be perfect and we will incorporate her right in to our design. I am chomping at the bit because I can see it all mind is full of ideas and I have all my furniture in place already. I look forward to sharing more details with you as this journey unfolds over the next couple will be so neat!

PS-Hoping to dig up some dirt on this pretty lady too! How cool to hear who nested there. I even found some initials carved in one of the logs in the kitchen. So neat! Stay tuned!

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